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Receive non-surgical carpal tunnel release at Jersey JSR.

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Receive non-surgical carpal tunnel release at Jersey JSR.

Many Americans complain of carpal tunnel syndrome, one of the most common hand pain complaints. A study suggests that almost 5% of the workforce is affected by it. It involves tightness within the palm and numbness along the fingers and fingertips. This numbness and tingling affect our quality of life by compromising the stability and grip of our hands. This condition mainly arises when the ligaments and tendons press into the median nerves inside the carpal tunnel. Thus causing the nerves to block and cause pain and numbness. Surprisingly, surgery isn’t the only cure for this condition. Visit Jersey JSR today and relieve the pressure from your median nerves.

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Achieve pain relief with non-surgical methods to relieve persistent pain

The general treatment for curing carpal tunnel syndrome is heavy corticosteroid injections, which may temporarily help in pain management but do not offer a solution. Moreover, this is when people turn to surgery.

Surgery to cure carpal tunnel involves placing an incision on your wrist and cutting the ligaments that are pinching the nerves. While this invasive procedure might seem like a quick and easy way, it does reduce some mobility of your wrist and leaves a scar even after completely healing.

This is why Jersey JSR understands the importance of minimally invasive non-surgical procedures that cure the condition. Our team of expert physicians and medical personnel utilizes ultrasound-guided procedures to locate the median nerve accurately. Then, they deliver a dosage of saline solution into the nerve inside the carpal tunnel. This causes the nerve to separate from the surrounding tissue, thus alleviating pain.

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